Wedding Ceremonies

Love is a vitamin that provides us with the nutrition needed to navigate
through the trials and tribulations of life.

The act of two individuals committing to each other in matrimony is one that demands the utmost respect and celebration. Often times couples quickly lose the personalization of what should be their day and find themselves drowning in the logistics of planning a wedding. The accommodation of family and friends at times overshadows the desires of the couple who in the planning forget that the greatest pronunciation of their union is found in the personalization of the procession; the actual ceremonial component of the wedding day. It is here that we can remind all in attendance that the day belongs to the couple who has made it memorable.

Ministry Ashe is proud to offer couples seeking to engage in formal weddings and commitment ceremonies the opportunity to have a procession written personally for them. Inclusive of references to their relationship and written in a manner that is representative of their lifestyle, couples no longer need to fall into a mold made “traditional” by the ages... they can now begin their own traditions.

** Processions are available as part of the package including Rev. Ross as the officiate or individually so that another officiate can utilize them.

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