O.S.H.U.N. Initiative

Our Water Resevoirs

July 4, 2013

Each and every day the water of our planet is taken for granted. From pollution to waste, this resource is threatened in ways that exemplify our societies lack of consideration for future generations and the future of our planet. As practitioners of a faith that links the elements of the world to our beloved Orishas, we have an obligation to not only be informed on the status of these elements, but also to be involved in the preservation and, when needed, the restoration of these elements. [Read More]

Tonight's Moon

June 23, 2013

Tonight, the moon will present itself to us in with a magnificence that is worthy of more than appreciation. Tonight, as the moon enjoys the attention and title of being regarded as the "Super Moon", let us come together and bask in the warmth of the energy that surrounds us. Let us be reminded that we are not the sole inhabitants of this planet and therefore we should live in a manner that is respectful of all life. Let the light of the glorious moon remind us that all things that have life have consciousness; they have Ori.

It is our duty to do more than marvel at the beauty of the world; we must also work to repair it, preserve it, and replenish it.

Tonight, as the moon shines upon us, let us remember that we are a community whose strength comes from consciousness and whose weakness finds its source in selfishness.

Earth Day 2013

April 22, 2013

Today, Ministry Ashe, Inc. stands proudly with the millions of individuals throughout the planet that are committing themselves to the improvement of our environment. Earth Day 2013 finds us all in an unprecedented time for humanity and begs to not be ignored. [Read More]

Amor y Ashe. I hope that when you read this message you all and all in your Kingdoms are truly in the best of health and spirit. Today I spoke with the relative of a newly initiated Orisha Priestess who expressed her commitment to the restoration of clean waters throughout the world. While the cause [Read More]

O.S.H.U.N. Initiative

March 22, 2013

In 1993, the United Nations established World Water Day as a measure geared towards bringing focus and calling attention to the importance of fresh water around the globe. The 24 hours that constitute March 22 find countless individuals in all parts of the world celebrating the existence of and contemplating the need [Read More]

Oshun is my Valentine

February 15, 2013

Amor and Ashe. As always and forever, I hope that when you read this message you all and all in your Kingdoms are truly in the best of health and spirit. Alafia. Today, as the world takes the time to recognize the potency of Love, I lay before La Caridad del Cobre and smile. [Read More]







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