Spiritual Bathing

Each and every day, it is part of our normal routine to wash our bodies and prepare to face the world. The grooming process practiced by each and every individual, while unique, is uniform in its sheer existence. Accepted as more than the norm, to bathe is considered (in general) a mandate. With this said, allow me to call attention to the fact that many of us remain unclean despite our hygienic routines.

We must never lose sight of the fact that our bodies are but shells of our true self. It is our soul that contains the essence of all that we are, and hold the power created in the triangulation of energy that came into existence at the moment of our conception. Maintaining this shell is imperative in the well-being of our soul and this includes, but is not limited to, the washing of our bodies in a spiritual manner. This should be done with the intention of ridding ourselves of the parasitic energy that we collect in our daily interactions with a world that encourages us to detach from our culture and heritage.

The above in no way denotes a need for one to succumb to exorbitant costs for the preparation of these cleansing baths. The costs associated with their creation should always remain modest and a full explanation of the ingredients used in their creation should always be provided.

As a Babalawo, I take pride in sharing this information with those who ask me to prepare baths for them as I am humbled by the honor that they are allowing me to be a part of their connection to all that guides them. All ingredients are confirmed by Orunmila in the traditional manner of Ifa Divination. Each bath is made personally for the client and the cost for these baths does not exceed $35.

It is also imperative that we understand that fact that not all spiritual baths need be prepared by a Babalawo or Santero. The Orishas manifest themselves to us in the elements and this fact should never be ignored. The sensual rivers of Osun, the powerful waves of Yemaya, the hypnotizing lighting of Shango, and the dominating winds of Oya are but a few examples of how the Orishas remind us of not only their existence, but also of their presence. Never underestimate the potency of embracing these elements in the name of spiritual bathing.

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